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  • House Vonnarc

    In the City of Celwynvian there are four major houses. House Vonnarc (slavers), House Vleiah (necromancers), House Poila (Traders), House Malske (Warriors) Head of house [[:drada | Drada Abaeir]]

  • Celwynvian

    A beautiful (creepy) underground city. The city is built around 4 massive stalactites that have been carved and shaped with a plateau between them. The stalactites are home for the four noble houses of Drow, the Vonnarc, the Vleiah, the Malske and the …

  • House Poila

    While perhaps not as traditionally powerful as say necromancy or warriors, the traders of House Poila are exceedingly wealthy. With their wealth comes power and influence amongst the Drow and many other races of the Underdark.