Roguish Wanderer


Templatè De Seka Rodriguez Dios Cabanez Un Drakonis, or Templatè for short, is a wanderer. Wandering is is life, his occupation and his love, and he wanders wherever Avandra’s path leads him. From ancient monasteries nestled high in mountains, to crumbling, vampire-infested castles, through portals, planes and peril, Templatè travels and explores, often stumbling into danger and escaping thanks to his faithful crossbow Avelyn, with yet another story to tell. For while travel is Template’s one true love, his hobby is stories, collecting and telling them to any travelling companions or drinking buddies he finds himself with. His stories range from ancient myths and legends like that of Xantaria, to more modern tales like the defeat of the lich king or adventures of the pirates of the desert, but his favourite stories are those about himself.

Many a traveler has been subjected to the stories of how he outwitted a mindflayer in a test of wills, then slew it to free its slaves, or how he was once crowned king of a far away land after breaking a sinister curse that had turned its people to stone. While some of his stories may have a grain of truth, Templatè’s flair for the dramatic often leads to some slight embellishment (or outright lies) but the roguish ranger doesn’t care, as he’ll be long gone by the time anyone can check the facts. For Templatè, the road stretches ever onward, and with Avelyn by his side, Avandra in his heart and a path to tread, he will wander until the day he dies.


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